Junkyard Samurai

   Everyone in the crime ridden Sixes seems to have an opinion about their newest vigilante.  But everyone can agree on three things: He's crazy, he has a sword, and he knows how to use it. 

   It's Don Quixote meets Lone Wolf and Cub in this action packed epic about legends, the people who propagate them and the people who crush them.  Brought to you by the writer of Undershai, and introducing up and coming artist Brian Fischer. 

   6/22/11 To celeberate the long time in coming release of Junkyard Samurai we are offering the digital versions of chapter 1 as donatationware til 6/29/11.  So come check it out.

Issue 1 of Junk Yard Samurai in epub format for e-readers.

Issue 1 of Junk Yard Samurai in mobi format for e-readers.

Issue 1 of Junkyard Samurai in PDF for the hell of it.

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