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Steele's Commentary
  I was told by a writing mentor to never begin a story with the character waking up.  But it's such an easy jump off point.  We all can relate to waking up to spend one more day in a grind that is destroying us.  So as cliche as it is we'll begin with a simple man awaking in his simple apartment.  And let the insanity seep in from there.  

F.Y.I:  I feel I should take the time to breakdown the origin of Doghan's name.  Burrhus is the B in B.F.Skinner, the ridiculously influencial behavioral psychologist.  I chose it in order to seperate Doghan from the standard Freud based  hokkum that plagues most popular interpretations of psychology.  The name Doghan comes from the Gaelic word dochann, which according to some sorces means hurt.  I wanted a Gaelic last name that emphasized the character's Scott/Irish Catholic roots, but I didn't want to use one of those standard cliches like "Mc" or "O'".