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Steele's Commentary
       The top panel on this page was written to see exactly how much madness Parasite could bring to the project.  Parasite responded by drawing a smoke riding hippie blob, named Smogy. Well played Mr. Site.  Well played.  Also in my original script Ba Tui's rickshaw was a standard hand pulled cart.  Parasite, being Parasite, made something that served the same purpose while looking nothing like it.  The next page should demonstrate the necessity for the change.  
Parasite's Commentary
      I tried to make the neighborhood: industrial, mysterious, and dreadfully compact with crazy creatures.  Creatures such as Smogy, the hippie spike ball who recycles his own exhaust in order to levitate about four feet off the ground.  Technically, his smoke is his body.  There's Bubley, the transparent cluster of bubbles with freaked out faces.  Then there's Ba Tui.  I apollogize for the altered arachnid anatomy.