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Steele's Commentary
     My original idea for Doghan's office had nothing out of the ordinary. Had: a bookshelf (the most worthless part of any mental health office, I've never seen it consulted.) , a lamp, and your standard wooden desk.   One evenning I left Parasite's only to have him call me a couple hours later saying he had a new "stone alter" design for Doghan's desk. I quickly biked over to Parasite's to see this alter.  When he showed me this four eyed office abomination I quickly approved.

Parasite's Commentary
     The desk was made in order to show how in Undershai even the most useless species could be useful to those who inhabit this city.  As well as how a rock table with glowing eyes would NOT be descriminated against (Undershai is an affirmative action, equal opportunity employer-ed).